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A Friendly and Unique Book on Parenting hits the Nation!!!

Surat : Debutant Author, Mr. Jay Lilawala who is an innovator, educationist, speaker, trainer and founder of the leading preschool: Parvarish International Preschool, launched his first book, called NURTUTING LITTLE HUMANS: Two Centuries-One Goal-Sahi Parvarish on 23rd August evening at Rahul Raj Mall, Surat. The book features 27 chapters and comes with a range of resources that can help parents to make joyful memories during their course of parenthood. Illustrating strategies for attracting, acquiring and engaging the audience with real-life childhood stories, this book is practical, highly approachable and inspiring. Some of the topics covered in the book include the childhood stories of the 20th Century where children enjoyed games like Sakhli, Jump over thorns, marble games….and much more which taught children, management fundas at a very young age. It also talks about the 21st Century scenario which is more technology based and how the Amalgamation of both centuries can help a parent to live the childhood of their child.

Mr. Jay penned down his thoughts in Gujarati just 10 days with a vision to serve back the country with his learnings in order to receive them back in abundance. The book in Gujarati was then refined by Mr.Hiral Majmudar, an orator who has flair with the Language. Ms. Hetal Rathod, an educator and  his friend, scripted his thoughts in English.

The event had a fabulous start by Master Vivan Lilawala , Son of the Author who rocked the stage with his flawless welcome speech. The launch began by seeking the blessings from Maa Saraswati with the ritual of Lamp Lighting the Parents of the Author and esteemed guests. With a grand entry, Mr. Jay expressed his Heartfelt Gratitude to his family, teachers, friends, Parvarish team, Book team, his school parents and all the people present for the event. The event was a HOUSEFUL with more than 400 people from all over Surat who witnessed the vision of Mr. Jay through a power-packed question answer session ended by a fun-filled Rapid fire round. He ended the event by reading his favourite chapter: A Letter to Vivan” which touched the hearts of each and everyone present.

More than 200 copies got grabbed by mesmerised audience who showed their love to the Author by getting the Signed copy, endless selfies, wishes and blessings.

It was a grand launch with one goal to serve the Nation as a Nation Builder.

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