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New Commonwealth initiative to boost digital education skills

Named Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA), the platform allows students and teachers to develop communities and demonstrate their effective use of digital education tools, and thereby influence others as leaders in digital education skills, COL said in a statement

With everything going digital around us, an intergovernmental organization has launched an online platform which will enable both teachers and students in improving their digital education skills.

The platform is launched by the Commonwealth of Learning (COL) and is designed to assist the teachers and students so that they can learn, assess, and improve their digital education scheme. Teachers and students will also receive a certificate on the basis of their understanding– beginner, intermediate or fluent.

The platform is named as Commonwealth Digital Education Leadership Training in Action (C-DELTA), which allows teachers and students to form communities and demonstrate the effective use of the digital education skills and tools.

“Digital Education skills will be the primary skills for success in the 21st century. Through this platform, COL intends to strengthen the digital education skills environment in the Commonwealth,” said Sanjaya Mishra, COL’s e-learning specialist.

The learning modules for the C-DELTA have been developed in collaboration with the Centre for Innovation in Learning and Teaching and the University of Cape Town, South Africa.

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