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“Student-centric learning processes is the way forward for the information age says” Prof VS Rao, President, NIIT University.

Surat : What do you teach a generation that has grown up on instantly available knowledge and information at a click of a button? Given the relentless change in technology every day, how do you provide education that will help build future-ready talent? As fresh talent is churned out every year, there is a pressing need for employees to be skilled and productive as soon as they are hired. The NASSCOM Perspective 2025: Shaping the Digital Revolution has clearly identified the need to build people capabilities. Moving towards Digital will require addressing the re-skilling needs of over 3.5 million IT Professionals as well as the needs of over 230,000 fresh entrants each year. In another study conducted by Boston Consulting Group, NASSCOM has identified eight technologies poised to grow globally in the coming decade, along with 55 job roles and corresponding skills required for those technologies. These are Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Robotic Process Automation, Internet of Things, Big Data Analytics, 3D Printing, Cloud Computing, Social, and Mobile – clearly not the topics taught at conventional universities. The fact is, students of today will need to work in a future where AI is the reality and tech skills will be a crucial part of their day-today jobs. Also, the one size fit all teaching won’t work for this bunch that practically has different degrees of smartness. Addressing it individually is just humanely impossible for teachers with a class strength of 50 or more.

(Prof. V S Rao President NIIT University)

The need of the hour then is individualised curriculum that is mapped to the speed and knowledge levels of every student and plugged into the future with Blended Learning. That’s why, the curriculum at NIIT University (NU) has been drafted by experts to be the right mix of research and industry relevant subjects, taught through project based learning. In being on the same wavelength with the future and building a strong learning foundation, the undergraduate students here are expected to work on an R&D project in the first year itself. But what’s most interesting is that, one-third of credits of the programme can be customised by the students so that they can build their career based on their own prior exposure to the subject and their desire to learn something new. Such a model of education puts student’s interest first, acknowledging their voice but at the same time fostering critical thinking and innovation. In addition to this, a separate, optional minor certificate programme that runs parallel to the degree course is also offered so that the students have a plan-B ready as well. In addition, students get credits through co-curricular activities as well. That’s how student-centric learning requires them to be active, responsible participants in their own learning. With such a method, you’ll notice high degree of student engagement and enthusiasm because they not only know what they are learning but why they are learning it as well.

Another interesting aspect is how the blended-learning model fosters student-centric learning by providing a live and engaging interactive experience that goes beyond the core content. It puts the learner into the driver’s seat, allows them to learn at their own pace and involves peer-interaction and collaboration for significant learning. Personalised learning, driven by purposeful technology and the constant assessment, feedback and mapping of knowledge helps them to be better students. Because such learning is integrated, it could be availed by students at the college, recent graduates or working professionals looking to upskill themselves. It aids a lifetime of learning and futuristic talent development for learners. In fact, several organizations in India and abroad are integrating student-centric blended learnings in their overall talent development plans to bring in range and flexibility of skilled workers. Therefore, it is the perfect time to adopt student centric learning and make way for a scalable 21st Century classroom.

Based on these principals and methods, the NIIT University’s (NU) B Tech programme offers courses in Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) and Biotechnology (BT).

4-Year Integrated MBA Programme is an innovatively designed degree programme meant for young students with managerial and leadership aspirations. The programme offers comprehensive management education combined with in-depth specialisation in a specific domain. Students acquire their MBA degree right after completion of Class XII.


(Sheldon Dsouza)

After getting rejected from the first company that I applied I felt heart broken and lost all my hopes of getting placed into a good company, but just then Deepak Khanna Sir came up to me with the proposal of organizing a trip for the University. I took it as an opportunity to divert my mind and widen my horizons, and managed to organize a successful 3 days trip for 40 students. This incident helped me boost my confidence and added as an organizing skill in my CV which in turn helped me crack my HR round of ‘Value Momentum’ securing me a profile of a ‘Software Developer’. A piece of advice to my student readers ‘Be an all-rounder in both curricular as  well as co-curricular activities because that’s what makes you a balanced person’.

  • Sheldon Dsouza (B.Tech)


(Antra Tripathi)

My specialization is Data Science and I am currently interning at Thoucentric (Bangalore) as Data Analyst. From the very beginning, I was sure about the academic domain I wanted to pursue and the kind profile I wanted for my IP. Data Science is one of the most demanding industrial domain right now and It was surely challenging for me as a novice to get my dream profile for IP. Definitely, everyone gets initial hiccups and so did I but all one has to do is to have self-confidence and do their best. My faculties and friends were a continuous source of support for me. I am happy that I successfully cleared all the interview rounds in first go. Working at a company like Thoucentric will be a great opportunity for interns like me to gain practical skills and learn about working on live data analytics projects with the development team. I hope I can show my best during these six months and continue my journey with Thoucentric. I am thankful to NIIT University for bringing in such an opportunity for us and helping us to take the first right step toward our career goals.

  • Antra Tripathi (Tech)
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