Getting Ready for Tomorrow: The Enduring Advantages of Boarding School Learning

Getting Ready for Tomorrow: The Enduring Advantages of Boarding School Learning

New Delhi (India), June 26: When we first considered boarding school for our son Virag Jain, we had many doubts. Would it be the right environment for him? How would he cope with being away from us? However, as we reflect today, we realize it was one of the best choices we made for his future. Here is our story.

The Search Begins

One rainy evening at our kitchen table, we were surrounded by brochures and website tabs. We were not just seeking a good educational institution for Virag, but a place where he could thrive, explore, and discover his potential. We wanted a school that provided everything under one roof, eliminating daily commutes and offering a nurturing environment with teachers / mentors invested in his success. As we researched, a clear vision began to form.

A Visit That Changed Everything

Our minds changed when we visited one of the boarding schools we were considering. As we walked around the campus, we saw students rushing between classes and clubs, heard laughter from the sports fields, and felt a strong sense of friendship everywhere. The teachers were very welcoming, and the whole place felt open and friendly. While watching students work together on a robotics project, Virag looked at us with bright eyes and said, “I could see myself here!” Talking to the counselors and students helped us understand all the good things about boarding school. Seeing students enjoy their sports, studies, and hobbies all in one place made me wish we had thought of this sooner for Virag.

A True Home Away from Home

The boarding school we chose for Virag was The Academic City School in Nelamangala, Bangalore. We were drawn to its academic excellence and peaceful, natural setting. The school’s commitment to sustainable living was impressive, growing its own vegetables and fruits and maintaining an on-campus goshala for fresh milk. This ensured nutritious and hygienic meals, crucial for Virag due to his past food poisoning experiences. We felt reassured about his health and well-being on campus.

A Warm Welcome to Boarding Life

Initially, we were concerned about Virag’s adjustment. Our first impression of Mr. Shatrugna, his house parent, was that he seemed strict. However, this misconception quickly changed as he greeted us warmly and welcomed Virag wholeheartedly. Virag was introduced to his roommates and seniors celebrating their outstanding entrance exam results. The residential facilities, including well-organized rooms and communal lounges, fostered social interaction and academic collaboration. Regular wellness sessions and recreational activities ensured a balanced lifestyle for all residents. Seeing Virag so inspired, we knew we had made the right choice.

Not a Noob Anymore

Virag initially struggled with Math. Miss Reena, his in-house teacher, provided personalized attention, which was crucial for Virag as an introvert. The small class sizes allowed him to ask questions comfortably and seek help. The Academic City School, India’s first career-oriented school, provided integrated coaching and career guidance, helping Virag discover his future career paths. Now, Virag excels in math, with numbers becoming his best friends.

Virag’s New World

The first few weeks were tough. Dropping him off was heart-wrenching, and the house felt quiet without him. But soon, Virag’s phone calls filled us with excitement. He shared updates about his classes, new friends, and the thrill of living independently. Each call included stories of small victories: his first debate competition, playing piano, hiking trips, farming, and enjoying new cuisines. These achievements were a big deal for us.

Growing Before Our Eyes

With each visit home, Virag appeared more confident and articulate. The shy boy who once clung to my leg had transformed into a young man who could converse with adults, express opinions, and handle challenges independently. The school refined his personality, teaching him resilience and empathy. We couldn’t be prouder of his growth.

A Family Strengthened

Despite the physical distance, our relationship with Virag grew stronger. Our conversations became more meaningful, filled with his experiences and insights. Boarding school taught us all to appreciate our time together as a family.

Looking to the Future

As Virag prepares for college, we are confident that the foundation laid during his years at boarding school has equipped him well. He is ready for academic rigor and life’s ups and downs. Boarding school instilled in him responsibility, discipline, and independence. Sending him there was more than just education; it was about providing him with tools for the future. Now, he dreams bigger than ever.

In Conclusion

Our boarding school journey was a leap of faith that brought growth, challenges, and immense rewards. For parents contemplating this path, it’s more than an educational decision—it’s a gateway to seeing your child flourish. For us, it has been a joy to watch Virag become the individual we always hoped he would be. This journey shaped Virag’s future and transformed our family, proving that daunting choices often lead to the most gratifying outcomes.

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